Whic one correct? Between Response.Redirect(@"~\Default.aspx") and Response.Redirect(@"~/Default.aspx")

It seems the both  Response.Redirect(@"~\Default.aspx") and Response.Redirect(@"~/Default.aspx") can work well,

but could you tell me which one is correct? Thanks!

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 common practice is to write it like Response.Redirect(@"~/Default.aspx")

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Both will work well.

But the Response.Redirect(@"~/Default.aspx")  is the correct one. for all the web url we are using front slash ("/"). So we user the "/" is the good practise.






2/12/2008 4:01:35 AM

 both should result the same. But as per best practices always use Response.Redirect(@"~/Default.aspx") as you do not know where you stuck and then this may be difficult to debug.

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2/12/2008 5:08:17 AM

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