What is the relation between Asp.net, C#.net ,ADO.net, SQL in web Building

Dear Developers
Hi I am A beginner web developer I stared studying of development applications & languages and I finished HTML, JavaScript, IIS but I don't have a couch so I can't determine what i need to continue.
I need to know the roles of ASP.net, C#.net, ADO.net, SQL in the web building process and how they work together and what exams I have to cross to be a certified web developer
My Regards
Khaled Elwakeel
3/8/2009 1:03:22 PM
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 Khaled ,

 Welcome to the world of Web Programming,

 Web programming is different ball game ( HTTP Request, HTTP Response, HTTP handlers , MIME types, HTTP Modules ,  HTTP Sessions , State Management, SOA , Webservices  ,CSS , XHTML , CSS, XML ...etc) . Once you know the basics of  web request / REsponse architecture then start digging into the asp.net page life cyle and how the request are handled in the IIS; I am sure after u know this info ,  you'll come to know what more to learn.


Comming to the definations

ASP.Net , in simple words is a technology / framework built by Microsoft to develop dynamic web applications,  I suggest u go to getting started , how to videos @ asp.net site.

relation with C#  : As the ASP.NET is framework built on CLR, we can use C# OR VB.Net to implement the functionality for a dynamic webpage.

ADO.net and SQL : any application (web or windows ) in .net which has a database to interact have to use ADO.net and SQL Server is Database product from Microsoft.

 HTML Javascript:   Output from any dynamic webpage is  XHTML , Javascript , XML ( in general MIME Types), as  browser can only render xHTML , XML  and execute Javascript :)

IIS is where we host the application to access on the network.


Hope u get certified soon , All the best !!!!




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3/8/2009 3:20:22 PM

Dear mammu

thank you very match it was a useful Information. some points are missed like

the steps / process of web building
what is the meaning of server side
real Examples
like (javescript) is a language to treat with user event
when you inter incorect email when submit form java script will run function to check form and alert you you entered invaild mail xyz@abc.???
and if study SQL SERVER what exactly I need to know for web building

khaled elwakeel

3/9/2009 4:04:14 PM


Dear memmu

thank you very match it was a useful Information. some points are missed like

the steps / process of web building
what is the meaning of server side
real Examples
like (javescript) is a language to treat with user event
when you inter incorect email when submit form java script will run function to check form and alert you you entered invaild mail xyz@abc.???
and if study SQL SERVER what exactly I need to know for web building

khaled elwakeel


That's an awful lot for a forum post!  Try the "Get Started" / "Learn" links at the top of the page

Building a website doesn't have a set number of steps.  Some people start with the underlying data and build upwards (Data Driver Development), some begin with the business objects they use and go outwards (Domain Driven Development), some start with the interactions between the objects and their interfaces (Behaviour Driven Development).  It's not the sort of question which is easy to answer...hell you can spend a whole 3 years at college learning about it (I did!)

"Server side" is merely referring to any processing which happens on the server (as opposed to the client-side/browser).  In general terms, ASP.Net/C#/ADO/SQL are all server-side technologies, Javascript/VBScript/Ajax/Silverlight/Flash are all client-side technologies.

There's loads of real examples available in the "Get Started" link.

There's loads of validation examples available too in the tutorials, for dealing with badly formed email addresses,etc.

As for SQL Server, what you need to know depends on what you need to know.  It's like asking which bits of C# will I need to learn...until you start working out what you want to do, it's hard to know what you're going to need to know!

3/9/2009 4:14:08 PM

It is realy useful I think that I got the answer which I need


3/9/2009 4:42:04 PM

 >It is realy useful I think that I got the answer which I need

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3/9/2009 5:19:32 PM

 For getting certification in web application. MCPD is a good option



Exam 70-536,70-526  complete this exam you will become MCPD web developer

3/9/2009 5:20:33 PM

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