VB.Net - Running a console application from my Windows Application

Hi guys, hoping that you may be able to help me on this one.

Is there anyway I can run a Console Application, from a button click (or similar) within my windows application.
I am using VB.Net in Visual Studio 2005.

Any help would be great.


4/23/2008 9:02:14 AM
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This is an ASP.NET forum. For better responses refer to the winforms forum at MSDN


What you can do is launch a process that targets the executable file for the console application. 

4/23/2008 9:45:36 AM

Hey, thanks for getting back to me - I am going to try calling in a batch file to run the console app. Will check out the other forum if this fails.

4/23/2008 9:56:57 AM

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