VB.NET: How to convert hexadecimal number to normal (decimal) number?

Hi to all

VB.NET function Hex() converts numbers to hexadecimal strings, is there any reverse function that converts hexadecimals back to numbers??
Thanks, Hooker
3/29/2004 5:24:24 PM
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Hi, how are you?

In C#, we have something like:
Convert.ToInt32(string strValue, int Base)...
So I basically can do:
Int iDecimal = Convert.ToInt32("AF8", 16);

I'm pretty sure there must be something like it on VB.Net.
Hope this Helps,

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler", A. Einstein
3/30/2004 1:26:45 AM
That should work, thanks.

I'm fine, BTW:-)
3/30/2004 9:52:58 AM

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