Validations not working in Netscape 7.x but they are working in IE 6.0

Validations not working in Netscape 7.x but they are working in IE 6.0

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Vivek Singh
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What exacting do you mean by not working?

Do you mean that the input is not being validated? Make sure that you have then enabled.
If you are using VS, then
right click on your project
go to properties
Common Properties
Designer Defaults
and make sure that the drop down list says at least IE 5.0.
If you mean that the validation is causing a postback, then this is what is meant to happen. This is because of the javascript that ASP.NET passes to validate the input.
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Jagdip Singh Ajimal
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1/5/2005 12:14:48 PM
Microsoft's validators only support DHTML browsers (IE and IE/Mac) with client-side validation. On the rest (like Netscape 7), the server side validation functions do the work. The server side validations also handle when the user shuts off javascript in IE.

So you must always code validation on the server side. Its VERY simple.
1. The Button will always call Page.Validate() when its clicked unless its CausesValidation property is false. This will occur after Page_Load and before your Click post back event method.
2. Your Click post back event method should test Page.IsValid is true prior to saving.
FYI: Professional Validation And More is a replacement to Microsoft's validators designed to overcome its limitations and introduce many things that users have requested. It's client side support includes IE, IE/Mac, Mozilla, FireFox, Netscape 7, Opera 7, and Safari.
--- Peter Blum
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1/5/2005 4:23:41 PM