Using web matrix web server with Visual Studio .NET 2003

Hello all,

I am a computer system technology student and my college is a part of the MSDN Academic alliance, so I managed to recieve an educational copy of Visual Studio.NET 2003. Seeing as I am on a work term and actually have free time at night... I have decided to punish myself and learn another technology.
My problem is that I am running it on a Windows XP Home edition system at home, so I cannot run IIS. I do have the professional CD, also from MSDN acdemic alliance, but,
1) I may someday use my XP Home to produce comercial solutions in HTML, PHP, JSP or other (though I'll probably use my Mandrake 10.1 or Fedora core 3 installs for that since I like using konqueror's SSH, but you never know) and I'm not sure if the academic license for the Prof would allow that
2) My family does not want me to format their hard-drive and put on prof, and I don't really feel like splitting the harddrive 3 ways to triple boot the system
3) I don't have (nor do I have a real need for, since I'm just doing this to learn) a host that can support ASP.NET
When I try to create an ASP.NET project in VS.NET 2003, it won't let me without a server specified, and it seems to almost work when the webmatrix one is running, then it comes up with an error and dies.
Is there a way to use the web matrix web server to host a VS.NET 2003 ASP.NET project?
I guess I could manage with just Web matrix, but it is a pain when you want to use code behind (which I do) and not having code completion (Microsoft calls it intellisense) is a pain, especially when you know you have such a powerful product you should be able to use...
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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I don't think it's possible.
In this world there are 10 types of people, those that know binary and those who don't.
11/25/2004 4:25:01 AM
You can just run an inplace upgrade to xp pro from xp home no need to reformat the machine.

Then other users will not see any change but you can work with iis
If you need more info just ask
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11/25/2004 9:35:04 AM
ok, I've hear that there are sometimes problems with upgrading to XP Pro, but I guess I could just image the drive (40 gigs, ug, that will take a while, thank goodness I have a dvd burner so I'll only have 10 disks to lost)

but it seems to me that the other users of the machine will notice a difference, won't quick user switching not work anymore, and would we get the ctrl-alt-del login screen instead of that welcome window?
On the plus side, I could setup my linux box as a domain controller and get some practice with domains/profiles... hmmm, I'll see if I can talk them into it. I could see one other possible problem though, I burned the xp pro disk just before my last burner kicked the can, and I've noticed some other discs I've burnt at that time have had errors that have not appeared into half way through installations, well I guess there is nothing for it but to try
For those that are interested, I found This Site which goes over a way of getting IIS on windows XP home, but he says right in the post that it will not work with the Windows XP Prof disk version of IIS, which is the only one that I have.
And you will notice that the new VS.NET 2005 beta uses Cassini for local developement just like Web Matrix, so really I should be able to use that same web server... maybe if I download Cassini directly instead of the Web Matrix veriant, or perhaps I should just switch to the beta
Thanks for your help
11/26/2004 5:00:06 PM

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