try catch finally / response.redirect / response.end flow control question

Hi Guys,

Can any one tell me if the finally block would be executed in the following example (assuming that returned false because no records were found).  

Many Thanks!


  dbCon = New SqlConnection(myconnectionstring)
  dbCom = dbCon.CreateCommand()				
  strSQL + "SELECT * FROM bookings WHERE ID > 9000"
  dbCom.CommandText = strSQL
  dbReader = dbCom.ExecuteReader()
  If dbReader.Read() Then
    'init fields
  End if
  dbReader = nothing
  dbCom = nothing
  dbCon = nothing
End Try
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The Finally block always executes... no matter what.

Steve Wellens

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3/25/2009 4:28:38 PM

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