To frame or not to frame...

I know this is probably a matter of opinion...but if you have an application that is using large datasets that can not be cached, does it make sense to use frames on your site to save some processing of other database driven menus, and whatnot??  Does this cause a headache if you are dealing with an application that requires user authentication, since you have to now check on serval pages for authorization?  Maybe an IFrame for content is better?

Just one of those questions that has been bugging me.
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I would not use frames.  I would instead use fragment caching, that is, create user controls that uses data/etc. that can be cached and cache just the user control.
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Programming Microsoft Web Forms
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1/22/2004 3:53:28 AM
It's not just a matter of opinion ... Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time)

(For those reasons, Douglas' suggestion would be a much better approach.)
1/22/2004 5:20:53 AM
Well, I might not have put it exactly that way<g>, but most of the time (and certainly in the example that the initial question mentioned), frames do indeed suck...

Make it impossible to print cleanly, etc.
Starting with ASP.NET 2.0? Look at:
Programming Microsoft Web Forms
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1/22/2004 1:39:13 PM
Well, I didn't put it that way either ... Jakob Nielsen always uses inflammatory titles:

Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time)
Flash: 99% Bad
PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption
With articles so titled, it's no wonder he's an object or ridicule.
(Though, personally, I agree with 90% of what he suggests.)
1/22/2004 5:30:52 PM
yeah, i never use frames. A lot of trouble. I have problems getting an entire user control to cache so I just cache variables that I have expire periodically to save processing power (ie cache["stats"])
i could be wrong
1/22/2004 5:37:19 PM
Yep, I have seen his book as well, and I concur in most cases (except perhaps the PDF).
Starting with ASP.NET 2.0? Look at:
Programming Microsoft Web Forms
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1/22/2004 5:43:28 PM
Well, I don't think a 1996 article can still be a reference today. One example of very outdated affirmation: "Netscape 2: 13% of users".

The recommandation to use target=_top in all links when using frames cancels all the advantages of frames.
The author is seemingly working on an update of his paper.
It is true though that iframes are generally preferable to frames.
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
1/23/2004 12:45:21 AM

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