String Split function

Hi all,

My brains rusted, as the end of the day is approaching..
here is a simple one for experts.

I have a string which contains string like this" 2008-2009"
I want it to split and use them further, like 2008 and 2009

i'm using in code behind

can you please check whats wrong and lead me to a correct solution

             Dim StringYear = RecievedFinancialYear
             Dim StringMonth= recievedMonth
Dim partsArray As String() = StringYear.Split("-")

            For i As Integer = 0 To 1

                Dim Year1 As String = partsArray(0)
                Dim Year2 As String = partsArray(1)

I want to populate a label control based on this year. 

If StringMonth='November' or 'October' then
end if

Thanks for the help
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Something like this?

Dim StringYear As String = RecievedFinancialYear
Dim StringMonth As String = recievedMonth
Dim partsArray As String() = StringYear.Split("-")

If partsArray.Length.Equals(2) Then
    Dim Year1 As String = partsArray(0)
    Dim Year2 As String = partsArray(1)

    If StringMonth.Equals("November") Or StringMonth.Equals("October") Then
        lblYear.text = Year1
        lblYear.text = Year2
    End If
End If
- William

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5/4/2009 10:55:28 PM
Dim partsArray As String() = "2008-2009".Split("-") 

Dim Year1 As String = partsArray(0)

Dim Year2 As String = partsArray(1)

Dim StringMonth As String = "November"

If StringMonth = "November" Or StringMonth = "October" Then

lblYear.text = Year1


lblYear.text = Year2

End If


5/5/2009 1:32:44 AM

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