String and string?

Hi guys,

I was wondering the difference between small letter string type and a capital letter String type. Does anyone know about this? Highly appreciate for your answers! Thankz!

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The "proper" version is String, as it references the System.String class of the .NET Framework Class Library.

The ability to use string is provided by C#, where it is an alias to String.

Similarly, the "proper" version of an integer is Int32, as it references System.Int32.  The ability to use int is provided by C#, and the ability to use Integer is provided by VB.NET, and both int and Integer are aliases to Int32.

So what does this really mean?  It means you can use whichever feels the most natural to you.  When the code it compiled, it will come out the same whether you use string or String, int or Int32.

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vb or c#?

In VB they are the same (VB isn't case sensative), in C# the String is a string type, where "string" is just a variable name

6/23/2006 12:36:21 PM
vb or c#?
Sorry, that was my fault, as I moved this thread out of the C# forum.  Oztech is interested in C#.

6/24/2006 8:54:09 AM
Its just an alias, readability difference. earlier programmers(c, c++) feel easy with string rather String

Have a look at this C# Frequently asked Questions


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