SQL query returned in label

Hey guys. New to the forums but I have enjoyed reading so far.

 My first question for today is...

I have a label on my default page that I want to display the results of a table adapter.

My label is labelTotals

My table adapter is tblLicenseCountAdapter

Can someone help me out please?

7/27/2007 6:21:14 PM
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Is your sql query returning a single value??

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7/27/2007 7:17:03 PM

Yes it is. Im actually just counting the rows for the value.

7/27/2007 7:46:45 PM

Duplicate post for some odd reason.

7/27/2007 7:46:55 PM

if you are just counting rows then are you looking for something like

lblOutput.Text = tableReader.Rows.Count.ToString();

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7/27/2007 7:48:27 PM

is there any other code you can give me to go along with that?

 I have very basic knowledge in the coding aspect. I know how to build adapters and view them in grids but that is using VS 2005.

7/28/2007 12:03:07 AM


Hey guys. New to the forums but I have enjoyed reading so far.

 My first question for today is...

I have a label on my default page that I want to display the results of a table adapter.

My label is labelTotals

My table adapter is tblLicenseCountAdapter

Can someone help me out please?


what is the method called in your table adapter? The code should look like:

if( !IsPostBack)




7/28/2007 2:00:00 AM

I'll try to piece it together from here.

 Thanks guys.

7/28/2007 1:55:56 PM

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