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 Hi Guys,

I'm trying to start a new bulk email campaign but my ISP told me that i can't use their SMTP server for sending mass emails.

Well, what are my options?

May i set up a virtual SMTP server on the local machine (WinXP SP3) and send the email programatically and using the local relay?

If so then is there any limitations that i should be aware of?

Btw, if i set up virtual server (SMTP) would i still use my ISP's smtp server indirectly or it has nothing to do with them/.?


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you need to have the MX records setup in your DNS server, the one registered with your domain with Internic.

You will also need to have the correct setup with your ISP to be able to send outgoing e-mail. You will also need to get your IP setup on various large ISP's whitelist (like AOL), etc.

Also, dont send it out as a CC or a BCC, that will break on you really quick.

Chris Love
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5/5/2009 2:40:37 AM

hi and thanks for the response.

hmm, means even if i host a domain with static IP it will not help a lot? btw, is Internic a must or i can use the other registrants e.g. godaddy?

is it free to set up IP on AOL whitelist and how do you mean don't send it out a bcc that will brake on you ...?

Thank you very much

5/5/2009 6:54:06 AM

 You can use gmail to send emails from Go thru the below article...


hope this helps

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5/5/2009 7:04:49 AM

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