Showing Panels with client side script?


I am working with Panels to build the effect of tabs on a couple pages. Can anyone explain to me how to configure the panels so that clicking buttons (or links) will allow a panel to become visible using client side script? I have this working currently, but trips are made back to the server to configure the visibility of the panels. If possible, I would like the buttons to show and hide the panels without going back to the server. Is this possible using native .Net functionality, or would I have to write the client side script myself?
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as u can see that all the tag with RUNAT=SERVEr have to execute on the server way client site has such function to do that please download the asp startup kit..they have great examples using panel..
3/15/2004 2:57:57 AM
> Is this possible using native .Net functionality, or would I have to write the client side script myself?

Since ASP.NET provides server-side functionality, you cannot do what you ask using "native .NET functionality". You will need to use Javascript to handle the panels on the client-side.
But you don't have to write it yourself. You can use the code here: The JavaScript tab control
3/15/2004 9:35:55 AM
If you decide to go with server-side Tab Control functionality, I have had great success with 

IE Web Controls, free but a little funky to setup at first.
3/15/2004 10:17:25 AM

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