Should local Web.config overwrite Production Web.config

I have a hosting service that supporst 2.0.  I have an SQL Server 2005 Express account with them.  I have just started using them and have written my first web app.

I have read quite a few things but it is not clear to me whether or not when I copy my web site (using VWD) if I should copy the web.conf file or not.  My local app runs fine but after copying everything to my production web site, I am not able to access the production web site in my browser.  I suppose it may have something to do with the question I've asked concerning Web.config.

Is there a particularly helpful white paper on this somewhere or can somone point me in the right direction here?





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yes the web.config should also be uploaded. Look at the web.config just like CSS. The most descent setting wins. If you have a web.config in your root and another one in a subfolder which overrides a certain setting then that setting wins in that subfolder. Actually the default web.config settings are set at machine level in the machine.config file.

Also make sure that you change the connectionstrings from your localhost server to the appropriate connectionstrings of those on your webserver.

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This isn't a yes/no question unfortunately.  The web.config is needed because it has settings needed by your application.  Unfortunately, some of those settings may be machine-pecific.  Database connection strings for example.  Possibly security groups and names.  Authentication methods.  Custom Error settings.

You'll need to copy the web.config and test.  If there are problems, track them, down and fix the production web.config.  If you deploy the site again or in anyway copy the web.config back to the production system, make sure you back the old one up first for when you need to merge the two.


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