Session variables lost after a redirect page

Hi all ,

I have encounter a session variable lost after a redirect page when i set the cookiesless=false in web.config. This happen when u i tried to access the application from another pc while my application reside in another web server.

therefore in order to solve this problem i tried to change in the web.config file by setting the cookieless =true than it works.

<sessionState mode="InProc" stateConnectionString="tcpip=" sqlConnectionString="data source=;Trusted_Connection=yes" cookieless="true" timeout="20"/>

how can i have this problem and enable my web server to enable to accept cookies. i have tried several methods below but it does not work.

1) In internet options , under privacy tab in Advanced Tab , i check the options for the overwrite automatic cookie handling and check the accept first party and thrid party cookie.

2) in IIS i have set the check enable session state


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When you are using cookieless sessions, the session id is sent from the browser using the URL's querystring.  So, if you are doing a redirect then  make sure you are building the URL for the redirect properly, it has to include the variable for the session id.  Have a look in the documentation for HttpResponse.ApplyAppPathModifier.

BTW, if you are using "InProc" as the SessionState mode, then you don't need to specify any connection strings.



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Alan Alda
5/5/2005 3:56:08 AM
Hello, when using cookieless sessions, make sure when you do a redirect
use links like "../main" or "~/main" so that you won't be generating a
new request with a new SessionID.


Bilal Hadiar, MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Telerik MVP
5/5/2005 7:59:17 AM

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