Sending an Email with -- problem with strings and body of the email.


I am trying to email the contents of a contact form such that the email body looks like this:

Last name: Smith
First name: John
Comment: Test comment.

I am using the MailMessage object.

I am storing the textbox values in strings:

//assign values from form to variables
  string first = textboxFirst.Text;
  string last = textboxLast.Text;
  string comment = textboxComment.Text;

and then combining the strings into one string for my MaiMessage.Body property.

  //create message body from textbox variables
    string message = "Last Name: "  + last + "First Name: " + first + "Comment: " + comment;

Which gives me the message as     LastName: last FirstName: first Comment: comment.

How do I manage is so that it looks like this:

Last name: Smith
First name: John
Comment: Test comment.

I've tried escaping characters and I've tried adding to the string, but I really want the body of the email to have the fields on separate lines.

Any advice is much appreciated.




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use a stringbuilder to create the body text.

Dim body as new StringBuilder

body.AppendFormat("Last name: {0}{1}", last, Environment.NewLine)
body.AppendFormat("First name: {0}{1}", first, Environment.NewLine)
body.AppendFormat("Comment: {0}{1}", comment, Environment.NewLine)

mailmsg.Body = body.ToString
Mike Banavige

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Perfect!  Thanks so much!
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