Response.redirect loses session info

Hi - I am running a site which checks available slots on a normal web site, and then if the user wants to book a slot, redirects them to a page behind SSL where they can enter their Credit Card details.

I use response.redirect to take them to the SSL page (as server.transfer will not show them the padlock etc - so I think this may put people off entering those details) - and I store the information the person was looking for in a session variable.
However, when I response.redirect, the session loses it's information.
Is it correct that sessions only exist in the same application - and so if I response.redirect to another SSL page, in another directory - I can't use sessions?
How else can I keep the data the customer has entered, and pass onto my credit card (behind SSL) page?
Thanks for any help,
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Hi there,

if you have http://something, and https://something, they are not the same domain, the session is for each application, so it won't go over from server to server....
You need to look for alternative methods, like storing some of the info in the Cookies or a Database, something that won't loose state when changing domains. At that point it depends of what\when\how you need it... Meaning that you can decide to store certaing part of the information and request the other when you get to your ssl, or you can store everything in cookies (if is to big, I wouldn't recommend it)... Ect.

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