Response.Redirect and Try Catch Finally

If I have a Try Catch Finally block with a Response.Redirect in the Catch and a Connection.Close in the Finally, will the code in the Finally still execute before the Redirect takes place?
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9/13/2004 5:28:47 PM
Thanks for the link. Can anyone confirm that, yes, the Finally will execute?
9/13/2004 6:31:02 PM
Yes,it will execute.
9/13/2004 8:12:06 PM

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Hi Guys, Can any one tell me if the finally block would be executed in the following example (assuming that returned false because no records were found).   Many Thanks! DanielTry dbCon = New SqlConnection(myconnectionstring) dbCon.Open() dbCom = dbCon.CreateCommand() strSQL + "SELECT * FROM bookings WHERE ID > 9000" dbCom.CommandText = strSQL dbReader = dbCom.ExecuteReader() If dbReader.Read() Then 'init fields Else Response.Redirect("main.aspx") End if Finally dbReader.clo...

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Hi,This is the code which makes me a problem: try{ Response.Redirect("SomePage.aspx");}catch{ ...someOperation():} It always goes to catch region...  i think you don't have that page in your web server. check it first.Got what you needed. Please mark as answer. This is a known issue, try to use the below code try {Response.Redirect("WebForm2.aspx",false);     }catch(Exception ex) { Response.Write(ex.Message); } HCHaissam Abdul MalakMCAD.NET| Blog | Sathesh_pandian:i think you don't have that page in your we...

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