Read a dynamically created html file and re-write it into a newly created file

I need to read a dynamically created html file and save the contents to a new file in a directory.

The point is, I have an application that takes imput from the user, they upload files into my database.  I then display a dynamically created page with the files that they have uploaded grouped by week.

 I have the preview of their file showing, I cannot figure out how to get that file to save without using the menu's save button.  This option doesn't work becuase I have to save the file, not the user.

 Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thank you,

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I do not believe this is a good idea.  If the folder that you are creating the file in exists inside the website folder that IIS is using, when the file is created it will cause the application pool to be restarted and this can cause lots of problems.. just a thought.

Matthew M. Osborn
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Hi William, 

Not sure how you create html dynamically. You can have ASP.NET to render the page for you. See the Render method of the page:

protected override void Render (HtmlTextWriter writer)

The content is sent to HtmlTextWriter, you can override the Render method.

Zhao Ji Ma
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