Programmatic equivalent of <form runat="server"> </from>

When designing an ASPX page, WebControls must be contained into a tag <form runat="server"></form>.

I am trying to achieve the same effect but in a programmatic manner within a .Net library (using HttpHandlers).

Does anyone has an idea how to do that?

Thanks in advance,
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Actually, I might have succeeded to solve this issue, but I am not too sure if it's the "right" way to do it.

public class MyPage : Page
    protected override void CreateChildControls()
        HtmlForm htmlForm = new HtmlForm();

        // snipped - add controls directly to 'htmlForm'

 Does anyone could confirm (or not) if it is supposed to be done that way.

Thanks in advance,

1/15/2007 9:52:30 AM


You can do it like this.

  Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    ' Create a new HtmlForm control.
    Dim form As HtmlForm = New HtmlForm()
    form.ID = "ButtonForm"

    ' Create an HtmlButton control.
    Dim button As HtmlButton = New HtmlButton()
    button.InnerHtml = "Click Me"

    ' Register the event-handling method for the ServerClick event of the 
    ' HtmlButton control.
    AddHandler button.ServerClick, AddressOf Button_Click

    ' Add the HtmlButton control to the HtmlForm control.

    ' Add the HtmlForm to the control collection of the page.
  End Sub

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