process.start in .NET class library

I have a strong named .NET class library project in the GAC which is being called as an exit and am trying to execute a process.start command as follows:

EventLog.WriteEntry("Inventory PDR", "Before New Process.Start")
Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "http://server/Inventory/add_pages/Preliminary_Delivery_Approval.aspx")
EventLog.WriteEntry("Inventory PDR", "After New Process.Start")

While the eventlogs execute, the process.start refuses to run and open a new process. I have tested this from the RUN command and as expected it works fine (i.e. the page is valid etc.)

Though I have a iexplorer window already open - this does not open at the desired page either if that is what it is supposed to do.

Can someone please tell me if I can do this from a .NET class library project (I haven't found anywhere that says you can't), and if not what do I do to fix it so it does...

Many thanks in advance

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My guess is you need to specify the full file path to iexplore.exe .
You may want to check the return value of Process.Start, if null, it
was not successful otherwise, it should return a Process valid object.

But this is not a recommended way of doing things.

Why don't you use the System.Net.WebRequest and System.Net.WebResponse classes to do the same, and without shelling out of your current process space?


Wim Hollebrandse
9/4/2005 5:33:53 PM

ASP.NET doesn't provide the needed privileges to do so. You can use impersonation (in your web.config, in the <identity> element) and use a user account that has enough privileges to start up the process.

Grz, Kris.
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9/4/2005 6:50:05 PM
Many thanks for the replies:


I should have said that I already impersonate in my code - apologises - I impersonate to the level of administrator. A bit high I know but for the sake of testing...

Th impersonation logs in correctly with no problems and my code is within the scope of the impersonation...

as you suggest check the return code from Process.Start: I have rewitten my code as follows

EventLog.WriteEntry("Inventory PDR", "Before New Process.Start")
     System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "http://server/Inventory/add_pages/Preliminary_Delivery_Approval.aspx")
Catch oProcess As Exception
     EventLog.WriteEntry("Inventory PDR", "Process Error " + vbCrLf + vbCrLf + oProcess.Message)
End Try
EventLog.WriteEntry("Inventory PDR", "After New Process.Start")

which results in no error code - that is there is no exception generated.  I do get the "Before" and "After" messages but not the "Process Error" which would indicate to me that everything is fine.

I also added a reference to System.ComponentModel, which some seem to indicate is necessary but to no avail...

I also tried as suggested the path in the Process.Start ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IExplore.exe", "http://page reference") but this did not work either

I had a look at System.Net.WebRequest etc. but they do not meet the business requirements - they do not open the page for the user which is what I want...the user has to print the page for authorisation by management...electronic signatures will be installed later but not yet.

This is just so baffling - this should work surely...

Many thanks in advance

9/5/2005 7:01:26 AM
 smcpoland wrote:
Many thanks for the replies:


I also tried as suggested the path in the Process.Start ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IExplore.exe", "http://page reference") but this did not work either

I had a look at System.Net.WebRequest etc. but they do not meet the business requirements - they do not open the page for the user which is what I want...the user has to print the page for authorisation by management...electronic signatures will be installed later but not yet.

This is just so baffling - this should work surely...

Well, there's something else entirely which I just realized: since this forum is an ASP.NET forum I'm assuming you are doing this from a server page, ie. you are calling your library from a server page?

This will basically open an Iexplore.exe process on the server, and the client won't see this at all.

Having said that, if that were the case (you're calling this library from ASP.NET and want the client user to see this page), why don't you grab the HttpContext and redirect the user to this page?


Hope that helps,

Wim Hollebrandse
9/5/2005 8:31:02 AM

Ahhhh yes,

right - while it is .NET I am not sure if it is ASP.

I am doing this from the Folder Event Handler in Sharepoint Services, I am not sure how the system executes the exit in this case...but I see what you are saying when opening a process, it will obviously open on the server and not the client; a silly newbie mistake I suppose.

Must remember Client and Server are separate and not the same...nor are the processing threads...

Okay that said, again I don't know how the exit is being executed but when I tried the HttpContext class as suggested it returned "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." which tells me that a reference is not available for me to work with in this context.

I think I will have to come up with something else by way of a solution as it seems what I want to do is not possible.

Many thanks and kindest regards



9/5/2005 11:38:43 AM
From a is impossible to do what I want to do, my thanks to Tom.

Your thinking is correct, however, that is not the way the event handlers in
SharePoint work.  The events are fired off asynchronously by the SharePoint
process and are independent of the client's session and/or action that
caused the event to fire, therefore, you cannot open a new IE window on the
client because the event data that is passed to your handler code does not
contain any relavent data about the client's session.

So yes, the solution you wish to develop is impossible using the SharePoint
event model.


Tom Brownell
KnowledgeLake, Inc.
9/7/2005 4:50:58 AM

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