problem in getting edited value from a textbox


when a user clicks on edit profile link i am showing the ´new registration form with the user's data filled in.

The problem is that when the user edits his data and clicks on the save button i am not getting the new edited data.

Instead of giving me the new data textbox.Text is giving the same old value that I am displaying.

what I need to do to get the new value?

<asp:TextBox ID="email" runat="server" Width="260px"></asp:TextBox>

sEmail = email.Text;



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when a user clicks on edit profile link i am showing the ´new registration form with the user's data filled in.

the code block\routine\function in which you are showing the "new registration form with the user's data filled in" might not be under page.IsPostBack check.. thats why every time page post backs - controls are being filled again overwriting your entered data..

so, please check whether the data filling logic is written under IsPostBack check or not as:..

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (!Page.IsPostBack)
            //data filling logic 
    void DataFillingCode()
        //code to fill the controls with data to edit
hope it helps./.

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is you are disabling Text Box in javascript. if yes then LoadPostBack never calls.

try        Request.Form[email.UniqueID]

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Imran Baloch
2/23/2009 10:09:36 AM

Fill User Data in IsPostBack block.



if (!IsPostBack)
Hope this helps...

Don't forget to mark as answer, if this helps

Hope this helps...

Don't forget to mark as answer, if it helps
2/23/2009 10:15:21 AM

You might need to set AutoPostBack to True for the textbox control.


2/23/2009 1:48:09 PM

no its still giving me the old value.

I have tried 2 ways..but

first i put the code inside ispostback..

if (!IsPostBack)


sEmail = email.Text;



2nd i added OnTextChanged event.

<asp:TextBox ID="email" runat="server" OnTextChanged = "changedText" AutoPostBack="True">

protected void changedText(object src, EventArgs e)


sEmail = email.Text;


but in both cases i am getting the old email that i am dispalying not the new edited email.

2/24/2009 9:18:39 AM

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