Objects and properties of properties

Okay, this should be an easy object oriented C# question, but for some reason I have been unable to find the answer yet.

I am creating an object of my own called JAddress. And basically I want to be able to do the following:
I am unsure on how to create the second level of properties! Doing only a first level is really easy.....
public string ZipCode

get { return m_ZipCode; }
set { m_ZipCode = value; }
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks in advance,
7/16/2004 7:02:11 PM
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You would have its own ZipCode type (class) which is exposed in JAddress via ZipCode property (which probably is read-only, depending how you expose ZipCode via JAddress). This ZipCode type would have those Text and MyId properties

Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
7/16/2004 7:59:45 PM
I'm quite the novice at doing some of this object oriented stuff. Could someone provide me with a quick example of how to do what was explained? I've been trying it for a while, but I'm getting all mixed up in the private, public, protected syntax.

7/19/2004 9:39:39 PM

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