Non-interactive [non-UI] browser....

We all know you can include a WebBrowser control in a windows forms application to do some pretty neat stuff. I need the same capability for a non-interactive application.....

Been struggling with this for some time...looking for any hists, pointers, ideas. A commercial solution may be viable.
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What's a non-interactive, non-UI browser?

What application or user-experience are you trying to create?
9/18/2004 6:49:16 PM
The application in question can be considered a type of automated browser. I am under strict NDA and need to be very carefuly about what I post on a board due to IP [Intellectual Property] concerns.

[As an over-simplification] consider a normal web spider. It will request a page, get the response and extract certain information. However these spiders to not do all of the actions that a real browser does. My needs include performing ALL of the actions that a real browser would do except for the rendering of the output into a window, including processing of client side script.
Beingable to use the WebBrowser control from within a non-ui application [such as an NT service] would probably meet my imediate needs but be too "heavy" and might not scale for large multi-threaded use.
I can be reached via private e-mail at if anyone is interested in discussing this further. I am also considering outsourcing this problem, if someone can demonstrate capability [this is NOT a formal offer which would of course be placed in the appropriate forum].

David V. Corbin
Chief Software Architect
Dynamic Concepts Development Corp.
Sayville, NY 11782
631-244-8487 [8am-8pm EDT]
9/18/2004 9:05:23 PM
Is this the same project we're talking about in this thread??
9/19/2004 1:07:28 AM
Yes it is the same project, but distinct parts of the code and functions, that is why I posted them as separate threads.

This particular portion can be thought of as a very powerful auto-navigator. Since it will NOT be a desktop app, there will e no user interface and thus the problems with using the webbrowser control.
9/19/2004 2:00:51 AM

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