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my project has atleast 10 webforms and for navigation the response.redirect was working fine till today. It stopped working in one of the pages but stills fine in the other pages. eg. the CANCEL button loads the previously navigated page. All CANCEL except one are working. I checked the button click event, put labels with messages in them; the labels get posted when the button is clicked; but when i remove the labels and put in the response.redirect("PAGE NAME") it stopped working;
i even put the wrong path in the response.redirect, still the errorhandler or any other errors gets displayed.
Any pointers????
thanks in advance,
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what error are you getting?

if you right-clik in the browser and select properties, does the URL show the originating page or the forward page?
11/13/2003 7:14:39 PM
can you post the code in your cancel button click event?
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11/13/2003 7:15:58 PM
no error; just a blank page with the URL still showing for the page from which the button was clicked.

for eg. u clicked on CANCEL from A.aspx, even after CANCEL click, the path to A.axpx is shown at the top. Before today, it used to lead me to B.aspx
11/13/2003 7:18:29 PM
the best part is the code works good when i test it in the dev env(when running in the .net env) but the moment when users access from the web it fails (all other buttons and redirects are working fine)

the code:
---code start----
Private Sub cmdCancel_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdCancel.Click
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler_Cancel
Exit Sub
strError = ""
strError = "Problem Exists with the application; Please contact your Database Admin/Web Admin"
Session("Error_Message") = strError
End Sub
---code end---
11/13/2003 7:24:24 PM
Why are you still using the traditional ASP error error handling has become more efficient and easy to use...

use TRY...CATCH...FINALLY constructs...
Also you can use the ErrorPage attribute in your @Page directive within your aspx file...
however coming to your question...everything seems to be just like the way you said...
can't think of any problem with it....
Hey! It compiles! Ship it!


Venugopal Mallarapu.

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11/13/2003 7:47:14 PM

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