New line character in XML

HI Friends,

I am in a deep trouble. If u help me in this issue, it will be greatful. Requirement is as below. I am having a grid which will be bind to a datatable. i will have to show tooltips on the column headers of this gridview. I have an XML file which contains the content for these tooltips.

i have written a method which takes a string as a parameter, which is the column name of the gridview. Based on this string that we have passed, the method will pick the content for the tooltip from the XML file and display.

But i have a problem here. Here the content of the tooltip can be in more than one line. but while showing the tooltip it is showing all the content in a single line and the half of the content is going out of the screen. so, i thought that placing the line breaks in the XML is the better thing and i tried placing &lt; BR / &gt;(<br/>). But it is not working.

Can any body help me in this issue of how to place line breakups in the XML.

Thanks N Regards,

Vallamreddy VenuGopal

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Have you Use /n

I think this will work

Muhammad Shoaib
Software Engineer,
Lahore, Pakistan (U/C)
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2/4/2009 1:17:11 PM

HI Mohammad,

 Thanks for ur reply. I tried using /n. But it doesn't work. it's just showing /n in the tooltip.

Thanks N Regards,

Vallamreddy Venu Gopal

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2/5/2009 4:18:46 AM


I solved this problem myself. The problem was when we have given "\n" in xml file it is returning "\\n".

so, instead of using "\n" in xml file i have used some special charecter like "~". And on the C# code i have replaced that "~" with "\n". Then it has given the line breakups on the tooltip.

Thanks N Regards,

Vallamreddy VenuGopal

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2/5/2009 6:11:09 AM

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