net send in .net


 I am trying to execute net send comman in my code. But I am getting "win32 exception unhandled error". Please help me. My code is:

Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo()

psi.UseShellExecute = False

psi.FileName = "Net send"

'  - IP address of a system in my network

psi.Arguments = " test"


 Thanks in advance!


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Tryu changing


psi.FileName = "Net send"

'  - IP address of a system in my network

psi.Arguments = " test"



psi.FileName = "net.exe"

'  - IP address of a system in my network

psi.Arguments = "Send test"


Hope it helps

12/3/2007 10:43:56 AM

Hi Shwetha,

You just need to do a small modification to your code. Instead of "Net Send" in the place of the filename, give "Net". Change your code as below:

 Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo()

psi.UseShellExecute = False

psi.FileName = "Net"

'  - IP address of a system in my network

psi.Arguments = "Send test"


Thats it!

I did the same mistake when I came over a similar situation.




12/3/2007 10:44:23 AM


Thank you so much

12/3/2007 10:50:06 AM

Thank you so much Prabaa.

12/3/2007 10:50:34 AM

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