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hello, my name is nick, i am 14, and i am moving from doing static html sites to doing asp.net sites. i am looking for some good video tutorials on microsoft web developer 2008, i am posting here because most of the ones i find on google are about developer 2005. the topics i am most interested in are a good overview of the tools and some of the functions, and a good database overview, not really particular to anything, seeing as i have used sql databases only a little,  but anything would help and would be much appreciated. also a question, can you create a connection to a database even if the database is not up yet,  but edit it to connect later? i have to update mine, something bugged. ugh. lol, but anyways, any help would be appreciated, thanks Big Smile

6/17/2008 10:44:58 PM
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 You can get a lot of video casts related to VSTS, ASP.Net, Ajax, Data Access, Linq etc  at :



can you create a connection to a database even if the database is not up yet,  but edit it to connect later?

No, you can't 


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6/18/2008 3:20:18 AM

all the best webkid and sounds good when heard that you are 14 and intrested to do stuffs... make use of this forum... Smile

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6/18/2008 5:03:58 AM


In my opinion, it's fine to start from 2005. After you are familar with VS 2005, you can start to get more feature in VS2008. Anyway, everything in VS2005 is useful when you go to VS2008.

So let's do a schedule for learning ASP.NET as below and you can take them one step by one step. 

1. You can kown about the general ASP.NET at: http://www.asp.net/learn/videos/#beginners In this link, you can know about the basic about ASP.NET. When you watch the videos, you can take the quickstarts as the above post: http://quickstarts.asp.net/QuickStartv20/default.aspx

2. To learn more about data-access in ASP.NET: http://www.asp.net/learn/data-access/ This is important part of ASP.NET.

3. After the aboves, you will be a superior. It's the time to know about AJAX in ASP.NET http://www.asp.net/learn/ajax-videos/

4. Now, you can try a starter-kit to learn how to develop a completed web site. http://www.asp.net/downloads/starter-kits/

5. Get feature about 2008, such as LinQ, PageDataSource and so on.

You can get more information at http://www.asp.net/learn/

Hope it helps.


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6/19/2008 7:12:14 AM

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