index server not indexing

Ok, so I want to add a catalog to theย index server. I can add the new catalog, I then add a directory to this catalog. I restart the index server, and merge the index. If I click the index server, in mmc, it shows 0 documents for everything. Everything meaning documents to index, total docs, docs defered for indexing and so on.
ย I've tried this on vista as well as on win2003 and the same result is obtained, no documents are indexed. In win2003 I can index document, but ONLY the ones in the default catalog, if I paste some documents there they get indexed.
So, what have I done wrong? Security?
11/5/2007 8:42:53 PM
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Now the directory gets indexed. I get 4 documents indexed, although it should only be 2.
Now the problem is that I can't in any way, get these documents to show up in my search results...
Still doing something wrong, any ideas?
ย Cheers!
11/6/2007 1:12:04 AM