Index server, indexing but not returning results (vista)

I've indexed some documents in index server. I specify the catalog and folder in my query, see below. My problem is that the query never returns any result.
I've indexed a lot of different folder och even indexed c in my despair:.On a total I have 85289 docs indexed if I look in the Mmc, but can't get one single document returned. One funny thing is that I can't set the index to inherit the settings from the webserver, if I choose properties. I can select it and save it, but when I go back, everything is set as before. I'm guessing this has something to do with security, but perhaps it's something else I haven't thought of. Some folders are set as application in IIS and some are not.
    Protected Sub getResults()
        ' triggered by doSubmit and getResults_PageIndexChanged
        Dim SearchString As String = txtSearch.Text

        Dim DA As New OleDbDataAdapter
        Dim DS As New DataSet("IndexServerResults") ' give the dataset a name
        Dim Q As Object = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")
        Dim Util As Object = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Util")

        Dim strbldSearch As New StringBuilder(SearchString)

        Q.Query = strbldSearch.ToString()
        Q.Catalog = "index1" ' name of my IndexServer Catalog
        Q.SortBy = "rank[a]" ' a-ascending, d-descending
        Q.Columns = "Rank, DocTitle, path, vpath, filename"
        Q.MaxRecords = 250
        Util.AddScopeToQuery(Q, "/", "deep")
        Util.AddScopeToQuery(Q, "/filefolder1", "shallow")
        Util.AddScopeToQuery(Q, "/filefolder2", "deep")
        ' (2) Include folders selected in check box list AND their
        ' their sub folders. See sub Page_Load check list array
        'Dim itmFolder As ListItem
        'For Each itmFolder In chkListFolders.Items
        '    If itmFolder.Selected Then
        '        Util.AddScopeToQuery(Q, "/" & itmFolder.Value, "deep")
        '    End If

            DA.Fill(DS, Q.CreateRecordset("nonsequential"), "IndexServerResults")
            Dim intRowCount As Integer
            intRowCount = DS.Tables("IndexServerResults").Rows.Count
            If intRowCount = 0 Then
                ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock( _
                Me, _
                GetType(Page), _
                "noRes", _
                "alert('No result');", _
                lblResults.Text = "No result"
                dgResults.Visible = False
                lblResults.Text = intRowCount & " documents found."
                If intRowCount >= 250 Then
                    lblResults.Text &= "
Displaying first 250 docs." End If dgResults.DataSource = DS dgResults.DataBind() dgResults.Visible = True End If Catch exc As Exception 'display message and send e-mail Finally Q = Nothing Util = Nothing End Try

12/18/2007 7:04:59 PM
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In my experience, you simply have to wait. Once I setup the index server, and began query against it, I would not get any results. It took about 2-3 hours before I was finally able to get anything back, and it was only partial data. A few hours later, it worked perfectly.
If you're sure your coding is solid, then just give it time. It will eventually come up.

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12/18/2007 8:40:15 PM

I did a big solution like 4-5 years ago that was all index server. We had problems on novell servers, but NT-shares worked smoothly even with multi-millon shares.
Now I'm just doing it locally, and I see that all my documents have been indexed. It took a while for them to go through, but that's expected. 0 documents are in que for indexing.
I Indexed all my docs yesterday and nothing has shown up yet. I'm guessing it's either the code that's wrong or perhaps security. Now I'm guessing, but back in 2001-2002 index server indexed everything and handed out excerps to any user. When they clicked the couldn't read the documents if they didn't have acces to them, but the excerps they could. Anyways, in those days it was said that Index Server was going to check file security and not display the files at all, if the user didn't have access to them. I'm guessing that's the way it is now. Do you know? If that's the way it's done today, and I don't have access to the files, then I woulnd't get any results even though there would be valid indexes and catalogs. I of course tried adding everyone as having full control to the folders, but still no results are showing up. I'm sort of lost here. Anyone has got indexing to work in .aspx pages on Vista? Perhaps it's something with Vista, something I have to add to IIS?
As always documentation is hard to come by for this product, that hasn't change in all these years...
Well, I won't take up more time guessing wildly. Hoping for someone who can save my day!
Cheers and a merry christmas!
12/18/2007 8:58:50 PM