Images open in new window same size as image only


I've a page on my website that contains thumbnails of images and when clicked on a new browser window opens with the image showing at full size (whatever that size may be). What I'm trying to do though is get the new window to open up only to the size of the image and no bigger, along with a 'Close' label on the new window. Can any one please help?


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Doesn't really have much, if anything, to do with ASP.NET, this has to be accomplished with javascript

here's a function that can do what you ask:

function resizeWindow() {
     var iWidth = document.images['img1'].width + 20;
     var iHeight = document.images['img1'].height + 170;

Few things:
1) you'll gave to load the image into an image tag with the id/name of "img1" (or change the function)
2) play around with the "20" and/or "170" to how you want it
3) put:   onLoad="resizeWindow();"        in the <body> tag

Hope that helps

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Brilliant - many thanks for the advice.



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