If Not value or value then....

Hi all,

I want to write a simple IF Not then statement in ASP.net 2.0 and I would like some help please.


If Not ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser" Or ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser2" Then
         Panel1.Visible = False
End If

Doesnt work, can you tell me where i'm going wrong please?

many thanks. 

2/21/2007 2:32:33 PM
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The first place you're going wrong is in telling us it "doesn't work" without providing any details.


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2/21/2007 2:44:54 PM
Use Not as stated below. It would work 
If Not (ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser" Or ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser2") Then
         Panel1.Visible = False
End If
If Not ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser" And Not ntuser = "DOMAIN\ntuser2" Then
         Panel1.Visible = False
End If


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2/21/2007 4:02:27 PM

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