I can't open .net web application from VS.NET 2003

I try to open one .net based web application from VS.Net 2003 in my Windows 2K server, get following error message "Visual Studio .NET has detected that the specified Web server is not running ASP.NET version 1.1" and also tried to command line command aspnet_iisreg /i and aspnet_iisreg /r but didn't work. 

Could somebody give me some idea to solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
2/4/2005 3:14:03 PM
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Check if iis is installed and running if yes then uninstall .Net Frame work and install it again.

I got same error few months ago and solved it by using above option.
Arvind Malik
2/4/2005 3:29:32 PM
First, I would see if .Net Framework 1.1 is installed on your pc.

Then, go to computer management (right click my computer - choose manage), check in IIS that your service is running and not stopped. It's under Services and Applications - Internet Imformation Services.
Also, in IIS, be sure the app you are trying to open has it's Virtual directory.
Under IIS, usually under defalt web sites, find the folder with your app.
Right click, then properties, and where it says application name, if the button says create, the click it. If it says remove, then you are ok.
I can't think of anything else to try other than reinstalling. You tried the iisreg already.
I hope this helps a little,
2/4/2005 3:33:34 PM
I did uninstall iis server and vs.net 2003 and install IIS and vs.net 2003. But it still didn't work.
2/4/2005 3:33:41 PM
The web application works if you type the url and can surf it. The proble is we can't edit it. from vs.net 2003.  Thanks!
2/4/2005 4:09:38 PM

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