Howto: Convert sample SQL dB code to Access dB code?


In reference to the book: ASP.NET Web Matrix Starter Kit (ISBN: 0-7356-1856-9)
Chapter 14 – Creating a Web-Based Calendar.
The sample code works great when using an SQL server dB. However Web Matrix allows us to use an Access dB as well.
My question is how do I convert the code found on page 275 to work with an Access dB?
I have got the rest of the sample code in this chapter to work using Access, but I am not familiar with the proper way to convert this code:

Sub DisplayAppointments(dateToDisplay As DateTime)
labelSelectedDate.Text = dateToDisplay
SQLDataSourceControl1.Parameters("@startdate") = dateToDisplay
SQLDataSourceControl1.Parameters ("@enddate") = dateToDisplay.AddDays(1)
End Sub

I changed the code to use the AccessDataSourceControl1 that Web Matrix created in the process of using an Access database but I get an error when it hits: .Parameters(“@startdate”) = dateToDisplay
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Ok... that was way too easy.

Just remove the @ from within front of the startdate & enddate and it works.
New code looks like this:

Sub DisplayAppointments(dateToDisplay As DateTime)
labelSelectedDate.Text = dateToDisplay
AccessDataSourceControl1.Parameters("startdate") = dateToDisplay
AccessDataSourceControl1.Parameters("enddate") = dateToDisplay.AddDays(1)
End Sub

- Ron
11/11/2003 12:35:49 AM

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