how to tell the project type in .NET? Difference between web application & web site?


I wonder how can I tell the .NET project type if I got the solution code.

Is there any configuration for the project type like: ASP.NET web application, ASP.NET web service application, windows application etc.

And is the web site actually a web application project in .NET?

Just not clear about the basic concept.



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in ASP.NET 1.x (visual studio 2002 - 2003) they were real projects but that changed with the initial release of Visual studio 2005 when the concept of website came up. After a while, and quite a lot of asking, Microsoft released the web application project.

One of the most easiest ways to see if there's a .csproj or .vbproj file in the folder. The pages themselves have a codebehind instead of codefile and also contain namespaces, which is lacking in a web site project.

Personally I would prefer using the Web application project to start my efforts with.

On a side note, I discovered a little flaw up until now in Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2:

Web application project, create virtual directory problem

Grz, Kris.

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Thank you Kris.

Then the web application and web site project actually may do the same thing, right?

9/7/2007 2:47:25 AM

If you are known to 2003 model then I will suggest to use web application model as this is the same we used to in 2003. This build all the .cs files in one dll in bin folder and when you deploy project. You just provide the dll and the .aspx and web.config file. But in web site this is change. So this if you are not know to web application model then use web site model. 

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9/7/2007 4:58:28 AM

Hi lingz,

The ASP.NET WebSite fully utilizes the ASP.NET 2.0 dynamic compilation feature. All the code is put under App_Code folder. These code will be compiled after deployment. So at design time, we're not able to specify which .dll fill it will built into. All code will be built into .dlls whose names are generated randomly.

The ASP.NET Web Application project will behave in the traditional way, which will create 1 .dll when built. And it will provide you with many other options for customizing your project.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Yu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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