how to manage session state while using webrequest to login at another URL

plz show me how to do this:

When you login at a site, it will store your information in Session or Cookie. So when I make a webrequest to get data from the login page, how can I store and manage the session?
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I don't exactly understand what you're trying to do.  Please explain a little better and we'll try to help.
Andrew J Durstewitz, MCSD.NET

Senior Software Engineer - Internet Applications
7/26/2004 2:15:03 PM
sorry, my English is not good enought.

in ASP.Net, we can use webrequest and some object to query a URL and then display the result in our own way. (you may visit for example).
But a problem is how can we do this with some site which requires loging in.
7/28/2004 1:10:58 PM

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I'm not sure the best way of setting up a site with login/password but I've been told to do it like this. Each page checks if the user is valid. So I'm thinking of having a namespace that includes code to redirect to the login page. Then I need to setup session state to check on each page the user. How is this done? Should I use a class for each page or namespace? hi it is better to have another class and implemt this class in your all pages , and common code wirte it in this class Public Class Sample : System.Web.UI.Page { //your coomon code for checking user or any thing ...

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 As shown above.. Hi Base on my understanding, you want to store user information in session variable and retrieve it to query in gridview.   ------------after login--------- Session["uname"] =Login1.UserName; --------------retrieve the session------------ <asp:SqlDataSource ID="DataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="    " ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM tables WHERE WHERE UserId = @UserId "> </asp:SqlDataSource>    <...

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Dear all,Due to the known problem of session variables getting lost if using InProc-server during frequent changes in development, I had to choose between SQL and ASP.NET State server, so I opted for the second. Initially, all fine, but after using it for a few days, I started to get this error: Server Error in '/cv2' Application.Unable to make the session state request to the session state server. Please ensure that the ASP.NET State service is started and that the client and server ports are the same.  If the server is on a remote machine, please ensure that it accep...

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