how to get variable value by using variable name as parameter???

I have a problem as following;

I want to give my variable name as parameter to a function, then get value of that variable.

Like this;

dim myValue, myVariable, result  as string
myValue = "demo"
myVariable = "myValue"

result = SomeMagicFunction(myVariable)

then value of result sould be demo

I know that is an interesting case. But i need this. :(

Please help me !!...

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If you explain the situation where it is going to be used, there may be some other alternative solution to it. One solution is to store value in a property of a class or structure and then later on use reflection to retrieve value of the property by using the name of the property supplied as function parameter.


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You might want to try out the Dictionary collection if you're using framework 2.0. It could just solve your issue.
//Implement the collection here
Dictionary<string, string> coll = new Dictionary<string, string>();

string myValue, myVariable;
myValue = "demo";
coll.Add("myValue", myValue);

myVariable = "myValue";
result = SomeMagicFunction(myVariable);

//and this could go into SomeMagicFunction return coll[myVariable];
This is of course the basic idea of how you'd go about accomplishing the task. I am presuming that you know how to assign dynamically the string myValue's object name into myVariable (myVariable="myValue"), and you can easily replace however you do it in the coll.Add("myValue", myValue) line.

Visit for a comprehensive example of Dictionary Operations.


So simple... yet so effective.
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