How to Call server side and client side function on same LinkButton


        i have one linkbutton when i click on linkbutton i insert record in DB using onclick=Linkbutton_click. if successfully insert then returnvalue is 1. after return 1 i want to call javascript function. how i can do this? Reply ASAP. Is It Possible?


<asp:LinkButton ID="Operation_Link" runat="server" OnClick="Operation_Link_Click"></asp:LinkButton>

protected void Operation_Link_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


if (Operation_Link.Text == "SUBMIT")


ReturnValue =
company.InsertCompany(CompanyNm_TXT.Text, int.Parse(City_List.SelectedValue), int.Parse(Location_List.SelectedValue), Narration_TXT.Text);if (ReturnValue == 1)


"OnClick","showDialog('COMPANY_CONTROL')");  ---> javascript function




please mark as answer if this is the solution

rohit gandhi
8/6/2008 7:24:01 AM 91979 articles. 4 followers. Follow

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Use RegisterClientScriptBlock to add the javascript after gettgin success ful insert.

Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "Successs", "Test();", true);

Few have audacity to speak truth
8/6/2008 7:53:59 AM

its not working.

i used this


this woking but second time. so give me an idea how to display first time. when i click again on linkbutton then it display. not first time after inserting.

please mark as answer if this is the solution

rohit gandhi
8/6/2008 8:37:11 AM

Its working perfectly my dear friend


<asp:LinkButton ID="Operation_Link" Text="Text" runat="server" OnClick="Operation_Link_Click"></asp:LinkButton>

Serverside code

protected void Operation_Link_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


if(your condition = true) 

this.GetType(), "Successs", "Test();", true);



function Test()




I am getting hi after clicking on linkbutton

you just have to add

Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "Successs", "showDialog('COMPANY_CONTROL');", true);

or put alert into your function showDialog to sure that its reaches to that function

Few have audacity to speak truth
8/6/2008 8:54:30 AM

hi Rohit_a_g,

from ur post i got that your code is working on second click of that link button so do one change only in your code :Instead of adding attributes just use onClientclick properties in your link button tag and call that function.Here is an example:--->

<asp:LinkButton ID="Operation_Link" runat="server" OnClick="Operation_Link_Click" OnClientClick="showDialog('COMPANY_CONTROL');"></asp:LinkButton>

There is another solution :--Add this line in your page_load event  instead of Operation_Link_Click event


if any queries then ask.... 

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8/6/2008 8:55:55 AM

Hi gopsy_25,

Your suggession is not right, its not fits to this context at all; with your code its first time only it will make call to the javascript function, which he dont need I think.

Few have audacity to speak truth
8/6/2008 9:02:44 AM

sorry to say but its not working. it reaches to my function but its not working. don't say my function is wrong because its working second time. using my function


give me any other idea that its working for first time also.

please mark as answer if this is the solution

rohit gandhi
8/6/2008 9:52:33 AM
you can write the code in javascript by check the return value , i believe that you can solve the problem

any questions can contact with me
8/6/2008 10:07:07 AM

if you use registerclientscript blcok at that time it reaches to the function right? that means its working, the problem may be in the function, can you write your function here?

Few have audacity to speak truth
8/6/2008 10:27:37 AM

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