how to call controls of web control form in coding of other forms?

hello everyone i have one problem i have created one webcontrol shoppingcart in which there are two labels one of qty and other of amt which are initially enable =false

now on other page(aspx page) i have one txtbox of qty as txtqty i want tat as soon as user enters qty txtqty and clicks on add cart button it shd be display d value in lblqty of web control shopping cart make sure i m using datalist on aspx page so give me suggestions on tat basis and my coding is in vb. plz give ur suggestions as fast as possible. 

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what do you mean by webcontrol.... it this user control or normal contols....

on the other page(aspx page)... means are you using the user control in aspx page...

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If your Label Control resides withing a UserControl or in a Data Representaion Controls like (GridView, FormView, DataList etc..) then you can use FindControl method to reference/access the controls in your codes..


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