how i can get the one form variable values in other forms?????

iam going to pass values of one form to another formlike asfollows..

f1=CType(Context.Handler ,f1);

here f1 is form object this will be used in some other form.
iam try ing to use to global variables of first form in to second form.
while compilation it show s an error like as follws

The name 'CType' does not exist in the class or namespace 'PassingValuesForms.Form2'

can you giv aslo pls..
thanks in advance..

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CType is for the VB.NET language exclusively. By adding a semicolon to your code, I'm guessing you are using C#.
CType provides VB users with typecasting. In C#, the language has this syntax:

(class) object;

For example:
f1 = (Page) Context.Handler;  // f1 must also be a Page class
Note that you are trying to treat f1 as a Form (HtmlForm class). Context.Handler does not contain that class. It contains the Page object.
--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
7/25/2005 3:45:34 PM
thanks peter..

one more some small  doubt is what is the functionality of the "contextHandler"..
can you tell me pls.


7/26/2005 4:35:03 AM
Its not a simple concept. Each time the server has a transaction, it comes through something called an HttpHandler (which is a class designed to handle all kinds of transactions). There are different HttpHandler classes for different transactions. The most common transaction is a request from the browser for an aspx file (a web form), which creates an HttpHandler for the Page object used by the web form.
Context.Handler always specifies the current HttpHandler object.

I strongly encourage you to use the .net documentation to learn about specific objects in the framework. Start at
--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
7/26/2005 3:01:10 PM

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