How can I get a Response.Write and Response.Redirect to work one following the other?

I have a button on my webform that needs to perform 2 operations.  First it must open a new window which I usually do like this: 

sJScript = "<script>'Form01.aspx?ID=0&Parent=5', '', '');</script>"

Second it must redirect the current page (not the newly opened one).  I usually do that like this:


My problem is, in this case, I must do both with one button click and they interfere with each other.  I've tried flushing/ending the response object in various places, re ordering things, etc but none of those work.  I either end up with the redirect but no new window, a new window but no redirect, or whichever one is first and an error when the second tries to go because I've killed the response object somehow.

How do I accomplish this?

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try using JavaScript for redirect as well, but put it on a timeout:

sJScript  = "<script>'Form01.aspx?ID=0&Parent=5', '', '');";
sJScript += "setTimeout("location.href='Form02.aspx?ID=6'", 500);";
sJScript += "</script>";

I didn't test that, so I can't guarantee the Timeout part.
7/28/2005 8:50:16 PM
Thanks for the tip.  The timeout worked great.  I appreciate the help.
8/15/2005 1:35:19 PM

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