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I'm looking for a bit of guidance if you guys wouldnt mind. I'm currently studying HND software development in Scotland, my end of year project can be written in any language provided there is a need for the project ( a client ). My client is a shop owner that would like me to create an application which will handle there online sales. I have been learning visual web developer for about 3 months now, my skills are limited as you can figure. I have been doing some SQL, what i want to do is have my products in an access database and have a management side to my application to edit, delete and create products. I know how to implement the management side but i dont know how i would display the database entitys along with photos of the products in the shoppin page. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!

A little help goes a long way!! :)
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 First of all I suggest that you use SQL Server, rather than Access. For examples of storing images in a database, see:

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whether you are using Access or SQL don't store the images in the database. Store the images in the Webserver and the location(url) alone in database. so you can display the images like

<img src='<%url reterieved from database%>' ....></img> 

5/4/2009 10:52:17 PM

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