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I am looking for an application that can be integrated with my ASP.NET application to provide context sensitive help. When users navigate to different pages and click on the help icon, they should be able to see the help for the page they are on. The help text will be manually entered by a team that is not technically inclined.

Currently, we have ASPX/HTML pages that holds the help information and link it from the header that has the help icon.

Please let me know which products I can look at.


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what I did:

I put an help button on my masterpage....Javascript code on the masterpage 

function aide()
               var haut;
               var large;
               var left;
               var path = window.location.pathname;
               var pathTab = path.split("/")
               var truePath;
               var count;
               for (count=1; count<10; count++)
                if (pathTab[count].match(".aspx"))
                    path = pathTab[count];
                    path = path + ".html";
               //The path of my help files...I named my help files as my aspx pages
               truePath ='../Help/' + path;
               window.self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth * 0.75,screen.availHeight);
               large = screen.availWidth * 0.25;
               left = screen.availWidth - large
               haut = screen.availHeight;
     ,'HelpOnLine','left=' + left + ',top=0,width=' + large + ',height=' + haut + ',toolbar=no,resizable=yes,fullscreen=no,scrollbars=yes,directories=no,menubar=no,status=no,location=no');
to add new help files...I use FREE TEXT BOX....that allow to edit text in html format...and some code to save the file in Help folder at the root of my application...if you need it...i can send the code
11/29/2007 4:33:41 PM

 Thanks everyone. Yes, we already use the master page way of showing the help. The problem is for any new page that is created, a developer has to create the help file. We would like an external department that is not tech savvy to do it. We would need an application that easily integrates with our existing web app from files that are created by this external department.

A quick google search revealed an adobe product called RoboHelp. I am researching this product more. Any inputs are appreciated?

11/29/2007 5:49:03 PM

I store the path of all my form in a database with a name...I have two dropdown listing forms already having an help file, the other all my forms...

The user write his help in the control FREE TEXT BOX that generate html files with an interface similar to word...

Then the user choose the form to associates with the help file and save it...the code save the info in the database (for the maintenance) and the file is saved in my help folder...

With the first drowdown list, the user can choose and edit help files that already exist...

works very well...



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