help in creating new module in dotnetnuke


i want help in using dotnetnuke.

i devlop one with it.but i m unable to create new modules with it.

can i add my aspx pages with it.

how can i make transactions with my tables in access database.

plz any body wjho have it's knowledge help me.

can i use ajax in it.

thanks in advance.......................(Shaikhu)Confused

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As you are using DotNetNuke, you should sign up with the dedicated DotNetNuke Forums.  If you ask your questions there, you will receive answers from developers who know DotNetNuke very well.
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Hi,    Can someone please guide me.. I am new to creating modules for DNN, have only been playing with DNN for about a week and would like to create a new module. I have downloaded the template for VS.Net from DNNJungle web site, and used it to create the code base for my new module but for the life of me cannot figure out how to modify this code to allow it to be used. I have never used Data Access Layers etc before and cannot figure out how to connect up the Business Layer the SQLProvider and the Dataprovider. I downloaded a tutorial from DNNJungle but even using this has not ...

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Hi, How can i create new modules for DotNetNuke websites? We are thinking about hosting DotNetNuke and really need a way users can totally modify their webpages look. We would also like to make our own modules and upload them to DotNetNuke. Is there a way? Replacing bunch of aspx and css pages on IIS doesnt sound very attractive to me. Thanks- and sorry about the qwerty account J. Check the \(DotNetNuke folder)\Documentation\Public folder for the DotNetNuke Module Developer's Guide.  It's a good start. This site is an invaluable resource for creating modules...

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Hello friends, i have created a new module in DotNetNuke application. the page is only having one textbox and one button. in "View Mode", problem is when i type something in the textbox and press the button, the value of the textbox is get cleared!!! when i am in "Edit Mode" every thing is fine. what would be the problem? pls help me A dedicated DNN forum exists over at:  This might be the best place to get help with your DNN questions.Mike Banavige~~~~~~~~~~~~Need a site code sample in a different language? ...

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Hi everyone, I am new to creating custom modules but not new to VS or .Net.  I have had trouble finding documentation for the "finer points" of getting a project set up.  Most of the things I have found depend on code generation tools that I don't have and can't afford to buy right now like CodeSmith (I'm doing this DNN work on a volunteer basis for a non-profit org in my spare time).I am also trying to develop the module in C#, which may or may not be related to my troubles because of the differences in project setup in VS.  I have started with the templates for DNN...

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Hello, I am trying to customise a module for dotnetnuke. When i open the Dotnetnuke Visual Studio.Net solution file (C:\DotNetNuke\Solutions\DotNetNuke.DesktopModules\DotNetNuke.D esktopModules.sln), I got an error The Selected file is not a valid Visual Studio solution file. Why is it so!!! Can anyone help me. I get the help on how to customise a dotnetnuke module from Your Help is appreciated..............

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    hi, every body i need any one help me to find easy manner or article explain how to use dot net nuck to making new module with example.thanks ,all Try the Module Tutorial - it's hands on and you can download it for free... I would definitely start off with DNN 4.3.1Rodney hello i'm still face serious problem in making new module using dotnetnukei succeeded in creating sample of the article and other one using vb but i face aserious problem that is i working in very large project with c# language and i have a number of user controls contains basic fanctionality of the ...

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I downloaded DNN 3.1.1, unzipped it into c:\DotNetNuke, created an IIS application from that directory and DNN works fine.  However, if I want to build a new module and open the DotNetNuke.DesktopModules.sln and I get a bunch of messages like "DotNetNuke.Announcements.vbproj" the system cannot find the specified path.  If I search it is not in the directory.  I get a bunch of these.  Any ideas what is wrong?  Or is there a different way to create modules in 3.1.1?ThanksC see:

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