Getting error while converting string to double: Input string was not in correct format

Select Case LocalMeasuringUnitText 

Case "Currency"

'do the conversion here

Dim ConversionRate As Double = GetConversionRate(_LanguageID)


Dim UKValue As Double

'String.Format("{0:c}", SelectedRow(rowloop).Item("TransData").ToString())

Dim varValue As Object = Nothing

Dim Stringvalue As Object = SelectedRow(rowloop).Item("TransData").ToString.Trim

'varValue = Double.TryParse(Stringvalue, varValue)

'CType(Stringvalue, System.Double)

'UKValue = Convert.ToDouble(Stringvalue) / GetConversionRate(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("DefaultLocale").ToLower)

'UKValue = GetCurrencyinDouble(Stringvalue) / GetConversionRate(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("DefaultLocale").ToLower)

'Dim varstr = TempCulture.NumberFormat.CurrencySymbol & UKValue * ConversionRate

If Not IsDBNull(Stringvalue) Then

UKValue = System.Math.Round(Double.Parse(Stringvalue), 2) / GetConversionRate(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("DefaultLocale").ToLower)

End If


FirstRow(FinalData.Columns.IndexOf(TransObArray(TransLoop).ColumnName)) = UKValue * ConversionRate

'FirstRow(FinalData.Columns.IndexOf(TransObArray(TransLoop).ColumnName)) = SelectedRow(rowloop).Item("TransData")

Case Else

FirstRow(FinalData.Columns.IndexOf(TransObArray(TransLoop).ColumnName)) = SelectedRow(rowloop).Item("TransData")

End Select

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 Try this




cheers !!!

Rukshan Samanathilaka

9/1/2008 12:07:55 PM

You usually have these exceptions show up even when the input string is all fine is the Localization-Globalization.

You can se the thread culture prior to conversion using the Thread.SetCulture and SetUICulture or similar methods so that it treats string inputs in a localized manner, you can also specify it as part of the ValueType.Parse methods so that you do not have to do it for the complete thread.

Hope it resolves your problem, it has worked for me!



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9/1/2008 12:45:21 PM

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