file uploader save file on server and in database and upload this file on client


i have a file uploader control user can attach files (.rar, .zip, etc) and store file folder and path in database. and another user can click of attach link and can download that file. how can i do this please solve out this problem. Smile

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you can find your problem solution in this link and you can store the file name in your database server.

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Mitesh Darji
9/29/2008 12:27:12 PM

As always there are many ways and which one's best... depends on your specific scenario.

In many cases it's perhaps better to store file contents in the database. It certainly simplifies backups, which become messy once you put stuff in the database that refers to stuff outside the database. It also ensures noone can request files directly by just typing in URLs so if you need to authentitce and/or authorize requests to download files that is another benefit. It does mean a performance hit.

If you want to authorize requests but still store files outside of the database you can rename the files using GUIDs while keeping the metadata so your application will know that the file FASDFASDFAS52345234t34.file is really "Christmas Bonus Bonanaza.xls" Stick out tongue...

If you want to make an AJAX-like file upload (like the one gmail provides for example) have a look at my old posts and you'll find one from a while ago that is quite nice.

Good luck!

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9/29/2008 3:48:13 PM

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