File Upload: Without using File Input control

Can anybody just tell me how to store a single file from client machine on to server without using a HTML File Input Control.



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You can use the FileUpload control, but that just renders an HTML file input control in the end.  If you don't want to use any HTML stuff, you could use an ActiveX control.  There are plenty available by searching.

Darrell Norton, MVP
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2/5/2007 3:31:43 PM

I tried to find from your serach string but I could not find the exact code in Asp.Net. Can you Please send me the link which will resolve my issue.

Coming again to my problem, I want to Upload 10 files from client. I will hard code the folder path and when he will click on send button, these 10 files should save into database on my server.

Thanks in advance.




2/6/2007 10:01:51 AM

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