Download Visual Web Developer 2005 Express or Visual Basic 2005 Express?


I'm a programmer with a 4 year degree in computer science. I have been programming in some sort for 25 years. I have done VB (several years ago), Delphi (last done several years ago), and currently do some Acess programming every other month along with Perl about every month. I have never done any web page programming other than straight html (since 1996).

My boss just asked me to look into learning ASP. We have a completed ASP project for a customer and our current vendor is too busy to update it. I would be the one doing minor changes and doing the next major phase.

So should I download the free VWD2005 or VB2005?

Which has more support?

Which has more complex controls? (I really have no idea what the project is like, I just got this assignment today.)

We currently have MS SQL Server installed (v2004 I think). Can I just make a DB there and copy our existing data to it?

Or do I need more updated MS SQL Server software?

Thank you.


3/26/2007 3:44:04 PM
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Well if you ask me I should go for the Visual Studio 2005 Pro. Edition and not the express editions ;)

If you want to create server controls and class library etc, you can't use the VWD2005, you also need VB2005 Express. If you want everything in one product, you should for exmaple use the VS2005 Pro. edition.

About MS SQL, even if I'm from Sweden and the database is from Sweden, I don't know how it works ;) Maybe you can export data to it, I give that question to someone else, I prefer Microsoft Sql Server 2005 ;)

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3/26/2007 4:42:30 PM

If you are using ASP and not ASP.NET you probably need nothing but a nice editor with syntax highlighting capabilities.


If you need to use ASP.NET I would also recommend the commercial version of Visual Studio 2005. I worked with both and the Express Edition I have uses too many design elements in the user interface for my taste, thus it is slow and it is also pretty buggy.

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3/26/2007 4:47:57 PM

Visual Web Developer Express is for creating Web Applications ( hosted on IIS )

Visual Basic Express is for creating Windows Applications ( that run on a desktop PC) 

SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 is fine for web based data.

You can use Access to manage the tables, or SQL Enterpeise Manager, Or try the SQL Management Studio (free)


You can even manage SQL from Visual Web Developer Express  ( add your server to the Database tab )

Hope That Helps
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