display image in a image image button



i have to display an image in image button while uploading


Image1.ImageUrl = Upload.PostedFile.FileName; is not working


7/14/2008 10:15:52 AM
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You need to save the PostedFile to the disk on the server and then assign it to ImageUrl. Take a look at the following links for more infoprmation on how to do this.



Reza Nassabeh

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7/14/2008 10:29:45 AM

 Upload.PostedFile.FileName will give you only posted file name. you need to save it in server and then only you can refer the image path as a imageUrl.

thnks n regards,

7/14/2008 10:40:47 AM
look these links http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/netimageupload.aspx http://www.stardeveloper.com/articles/display.html?article=2003022601&page=1
7/14/2008 10:43:02 AM

Image1.ImageUrl = Upload.PostedFile.FileName; is not working

try this :

using System.IO;

Image1.ImageUrl = "http://localhost/ApplicationName/"+Path.GetFileName(myFile.FileName);


Image1.ImageUrl ="~/image1.jpg"


Image1.ImageUrl = "http://localhost/ApplicationName/"+Upload.PostedFile.FileName;


7/14/2008 11:55:08 AM

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