CreateUserWizard works in IE and does not work in Firefox

hi all!

please help on subject.

When I press button create user in Internet explorer wizard takes me to next step (or final step in may case). it is good.

When I do the same in firefox - wizard reloads page and I am again on first step of createuserwizard.


What could possibly be wrong? please advice 

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I think authentication may cause the difference.

And you can check if there is any custom CreateUser Event handler or any method of the class has been overwritten.

11/2/2007 9:02:13 AM

 I have event handlers for CreatedUser, NextButtonClick, SendingMail events. But I need them.

By the way, simple CreateUserWizard (default, without any adjustments) works ok in firefox.

11/3/2007 9:40:55 AM

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